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B80698 Shaft Kit

All Parts Shown
Are Included


"Hydraulic Motor Couplings"

B80699 Shaft Kit

All Parts Shown
Are Included



We will occasionally find that a model of pump has been field modified. We cannot be held responsible for the cost to correct the problem. 

The parts lists shown on this page show you what your pump will look like. If the model number on your pump is different than the picture shown contact us and we will try to help determine what pump you have or how it has been modified. Take a picture, it really helps!

B80697 Shaft Kit

All Parts Shown
Are Included


H00689      PRICE

H04040      PRICE
H04041      PRICE

"Shaft Kits"

Your Model       Replacement No.

B68415 / B68416                 B85549        PRICE
B68414 / B70280                 B85550       

B68417 (Same As Above)                         

B66168 / B66895                 B85551        PRICE

B66161 / B66899                 B85552        PRICE


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Berkeley Water Truck Pumps


"The Pumpkin"

Everything But The Volute

Identify Your Pump By The B.M # On The Bottom Right Hand Corner Of The Label

"Complete Pumps" 
​Your Model No.

B3ZRM-CCW FIP               B59538        PRICE
B3ZRM-CW FIP                  B59539        PRICE

B3ZRM-CW FIP                  B66161        PRICE
B3ZRM-CCW FIP                
B66168        PRICE

B3ZRMS-CCW FIP             B68415        PRICE

B3ZRM-CCW VIC               B66895        PRICE

B3ZRM-CW VIC                  B66899        PRICE

B3ZRMS-CW VIC               B68417        PRICE

B3ZRMS-CCW VIC             B68416        PRICE

B3ZRM-CCW FIP                B80303        PRICE

B4JRMBHS-CW FLGD        B61050        PRICE

B4JRMBH-CW FLGD          B62321        PRICE
B69743        PRICE

B80696 Shaft Kit

All Parts Shown
Are Included


M02181      PRICE

M02153      PRICE

S30636 Hydraulic Motor Shaft Coupling 13 tooth 7/8" SAE Spline x 1-1/8" 1/4" Keyed Shaft Fits All Berkeley Water Truck Pumps With 1-1/8" Shaft

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